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i live the simple life so to speak, but a bit of an eccentric one. i have an extensive vintage my little pony collection and shelves of only the geekiest lunch boxes around. nerd? perhaps. really i love to collect anything vintage and i enjoy being a big kid entirely too much. i love to sew and make cute things. i am vegetarian; i love to cook and bake. i try and be conscious of the decisions i make in this life. i recycle. i reuse. i compost. i try to live as plastic free as possible. hippy? no. hippies never looked this good in a 50's dress and high heels.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

there is a little pony lover inside all of us...

We spent the day with my friend Kyle, searching antique malls and flea markets for My Little Ponies. After an entire day of hanging out with him moaning and complaining about how come I can't collect something cooler, in the end, he seemed pretty stoked when he asked if he could have my baity Majesty and I let him take her home. lol.

hey, look what i got!

never fear Majesty. i will save you from the bait box.

time to go to your new home.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

baby Princess Sparkle!!

update! all clean!

me and matt headed down to the Antique mall today and look who i found!!! baby Princess Sparkle!! for $10!! that's a lot better than $40 or $50!!! she just needs a little love. and I have a ton of pony love to give! I'll update when I get her all washed up.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Little Pony Fair 2009 - location announced.

well, this is exciting. the U.S. MLP Collectors Convention will be held next year in Las Vegas. I'm so excited. I will actually be able to go, not to mention that me and Matt were planning a trip to Vegas for next year anyways, so this works perfectly. And Matt will be able to find tons to do while I geek out on ponies...VEGAS STYLE! It will be amazing. Must go start planning...hee hee.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 Comic Con Pony has been announced!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! isn't she gorgeous!!! I am so glad that they stuck to the super hero theme again this year. I haven't decided yet whether the Super Hero pony from last year and this Secret Identity girl will be a super hero fighting duo or whether I will make them battle eachother. only time will tell. I don't even know what else to say...I am in love...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Art Pony now for sale!!!!

the new MLP Art pony is now up for sale on!!
oh my gosh!!! she is soOOooo beautiful!! She is to be the first art pony of a series. Finally, G3 releases worth buying. She even comes in a pretty box. I remember seeing pictures of her a few months back and speculating what on earth she was going to be released for. I'm so glad she is being released as a general release. I already have the always lovely Kar ordering me one, as of course, Hasbro doesn't ship to Canada. boo. oh well, as long as I get her. oh, she is just darling!

Inspirational Word Ponies Collectors set

these gals are now for sale on
I haven't completely decided whether I like them enough to buy them right now, but I like the 'idea' of them. and I definitely like that they are having releases for the infamous 'core 7' that are a bit more inspired than just a new hat, haha.
Special 25th Birthday Celebration, Collector Set! Each pony friend is decorated with a crest that celebrates 25 years of My Little Pony. PINKIE PIE pony is joy, STAR SONG pony - Dreams, TOOLA ROOLA pony - creativity, SWEETIE BELLE pony – love, SCOOTALOO pony – Friendship, RAINBOW DASH pony – Hope, and CHEERILEE pony– Beauty!

Jeanette has done it again!!

Jeanette, my netherlands friend, did another trade with me!!
this time she sent me an Italian Parasol and an Italian Peachy!! and she included a baby Tic-tac-toe as a little surprise extra! Will post some pictures as soon as I get them washed up!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sea Ponies!!!!

my first Sea Ponies! I love them!

Wave Dancer


I also got my copy of the My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory!!

signed by Summer!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

fancy pants babies and italian bow tie

yay! fancy pants baby ponies!!! I've wanted them for soOOoo long. they are just too cute with their little nappies...
and I also got Italian Bow Tie. which is a long time coming. her American and mexican sisters are happy to be reunited with her.

Splashes, Dots n' Hearts, Starburst

Italian Bow Tie